Sunday, January 12, 2014

"The Girls" May Try to Break for Freedom

The photo above shows the pool North Central High School, 
where I usually go to swim on Saturdays with other 
members of Indy Aquatics Masters. Snow and extreme cold 
had closed schools and most of the pools where IAM 
practice sessions are held, so that meant a lot of  people,
including children from area schools showed up 
to swim. The place was crowded and noisy all morning
with the purposeful flurry of people swimming laps,
back and forth as they performed drills intended 
to improve their conditioning and times.

I'd missed quite a bit of time in the pool over the past
month, so have been feeling the effort more
than usual. My weight loss has been stagnant, too,
so I feel the need to return to my routine.
Nevertheless, one of the other members gave me an 
encouraging word the other night, when he remarked that
he noticed how much stronger I've been swimming.
He's an experienced triathlete, a man who's competed 
in ten Iron Man triathlons so his comment meant a lot to me.
After Saturday's practice, I looked in the mirror 
to notice that my swimsuit has started to get baggy, 
so was both pleased and dismayed to see how much 
the suit had loosened around my boobs.
It was an additional month before my last suit began to 
cling to my body, instead of compressing it.
I bought my present one just a couple months ago!
Seriously, just eight weeks ago.  And they're not cheap;
the last one cost just over $100, including shipping.

It took me a while to earn the money to buy my suit,
and wore the old one longer than I should have; while 
I kept telling myself that our coaches have seen a nipple or 
two during their lives, it wasn't long before 
I was myself too embarrassed to wear the damn thing
one more time. So the upshot is this: since June,
between dieting and swimming, I've gone through three
suits, with a fourth to come in the next few weeks. 
I have another one in a drawer that I tried on 
and it is now a bit too large, as well.
Besides, it's not suitable for the kind of swimming 
I do, being too low cut. I'd probably come 
out of it altogether - or in the altogether.
I'm sure it'd be a real scene to have The Girls' 
noses peeping from under the shelter of the 
suit's Mossy Break-up camouflage print.
I love that print and wish Speedo or Tyr
would make a suit from it. No such luck, I guess. 

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